$100K Home Based Direct Sales Opportunity Online

Are you searching for a home based direct sales opportunity online that you can make $100K per year?

There are so many opportunities on the internet and you will probably say that the majority of them sound too good to be true. Some of them are multilevel marketing (MLM), affiliate marketing, network marketing and direct sales.

All of which I’m sure you can find someone within the opportunity that makes $100K per year. The FTC recently cracked down on those that weren’t legitimate opportunities.

With that said, the majority of the opportunities are legit. The people that claim its a scam, didn’t give it their all.

Ultimately, with these business opportunities, it is your business. Your success depends on you.

Top Tier Direct Sales

The best way to make $100K in a home based direct sales business is with a top tier product. It will take you far fewer sales to make a multiple six figure income. Think about it, if you were selling an MLM product that made you $20 per commission, how many sales would it take you to make $100K?



A top tier product that made you $4,500 per commission.


Would you rather sell 5,000 of something to make $100K or 22 of something and make $100K? Honestly you have to put almost the same amount of effort into each of them.

Its all about targeting your audience.

Target Audience

Your target audience is who will most likely be interested in your product or opportunity. No matter what you sell, if you don’t get in front of your target audience, you’re not going to sell much of anything.

So why not choose a top tier product, get in front of those who are most likely to buy and do a fraction of the work of an MLM or affiliate product. This is the best way to make $100K in a home based direct sales opportunity online.

Special Report – 8 Reasons Why Direct Selling is BOOMING!

It’s easy to see that in today’s economy that things have changed. What’s even more apparent, things well never be the same as they once were. In no time in history has things ever been the way they were before. With that of knowledge, people need to reconsider the direct selling industry. It’s an industry that has been around for over 100 years and is still a valid option to earn additional income. This report discusses 8 specific reason why the industry is booming, even in this “down economy”.

1. Relationship and Social Interaction: Network marketing is a business built on relationships. When you find a product or service about which you’re passionate, it’s easy to share the good news with friends and family.

2. Financial Security and Control: Job security is a flat out myth these days. Building your own business allows you to control your financial future. Whether you’re using your business to create a savings cushion, to make ends meet or to replace a corporate income, direct selling gives you the ability to take control.

3. Minimal Risk, Maximum Return: A small initial investment and low risk generate high return and high earning potential, with potential being the key word. You have to be willing to put forth the effort. The more efficient the effort, the more money produced. And the most companies offer training and support in order to help you make the most of the opportunity.

4. No Boundaries, No Limits: There are no boundaries to direct selling; no sales territories or restrictions. Network marketing allows independent consultants to set their own goals, dream big and create the life they want with no restrictions.

5. Tax Benefits: U.S. tax laws give the home-based businessperson the ability to enjoy the same kind of tax-deferred savings and benefits as corporate employees. Tax benefits might not be the most exciting aspect of owning your own home-based business, but the allowable deductions can make a real difference in what your family pays in taxes each year. (Please consult with you tax preparer to get all your State and Federal regulations).

6. Freedom and Flexibility: Freedom and flexibility are often the most appealing aspect of working from home. The freedom to choose when and how much to work is something traditional employment does not offer.

7. Equal Opportunity: Direct selling is an industry in which women earn dollar for dollar what men earn. Direct selling provides an equal opportunity for earnings and personal growth to everyone, regardless of education, previous experience, age, ethnicity or financial status.

8. Recognition: When was the last time someone cheered when you walked in the door at work? Did you husband or wife even notice that the dishes were done or the laundry was folded? Recognition is something that’s practically nonexistent in an adult’s day-to-day life… but not if you’re part of an industry that excels at praising its work force. Being recognized for efforts and achievements is an integral part of the direct selling experience.

These 8 reasons are very simple really. It’s the same reasons why the industry as a whole is older than 100 years old. The difference today is, more and more people actually have to look outside the box to earn additional income. No longer are the days where a family has the certainty the bread winner will have a job tomorrow. No longer are the days where a family can rely on one income.
The direct selling industry offers the opportunity for part time effort to equate to part time income. The difference is, that effort will continue to pay you for years to come.

Times have changed. The industry has changed from decades ago. No longer is it necessary to bug your friends, family and co-workers. You longer have to hold meetings in your house at night and carry large inventory in your garage. There are even professional associations that help govern the direct selling industry. There are laws in place in help product consumers from fraudulent companies.

Information Overload – Why a Marketing Message Should Be Pithy

Direct marketers know the value of saying a lot with only a few well chosen words. The idea of being concise and to the point has never been as important to a marketing message as it is now. The popularity of sound bites, text messages and tweets proves that people want their information succinctly.

If that is the case, then why do so many companies deem it necessary to overload our senses with too much information?

Patrick Sullivan owns and operates the Oak Hill Insurance Agency. Blessed with the gift of gab thanks to his Irish forbearers, he is often called upon to spin a yarn or two for the children’s library hour or chronicle the history of the town’s founding families at the Oak Hill History Museum. He keeps his audience enthralled with tidbits of information and an enthusiastic approach to the subject. Unfortunately for Patrick, that kind of talent can be the demise of a message in a marketing strategy.

Never one to say in three words what he can say in thirty, Patrick advertises his business in detail. Ad nauseam. Every bit of information about what agencies he represents, the different types of services they provide, the cost bases and comparisons and even links to the provider’s websites are readily available. His marketing messages are packed so full of details, that potential clients lose interest almost immediately. They do not care about the whys and wherefores of one type of policy over another. The public only wants to know that Patrick can help them with their varied insurance needs.

While business is fairly steady, Oak Hill Insurance Agency is not setting the world on fire.

Bert Morrow on the other hand knows the advantages of keeping things pithy to spark interest. Bert runs the Quick & Easy Insurance Consortium. Some say his way of communicating is curt and he sees that as a positive. In all his business dealings he is known to find out what is needed and cuts to the chase. He uses that ability to his advantage. All of his marketing messages, whether they are in the form of a direct mail piece, television advertisement or his website, are made to pique a potential client’s curiosity.

Recipients of Bert’s marketing know in a matter of seconds that his organization handles any and all types of insurance needs. He advertises the Quick & Easy Insurance Consortium as being a supermarket of insurance requirements. Every one of his marketing messages alludes to phenomenal coverage at competitive rates: simply call or email for more information. Bert learned early on that when offering services with variables, it is better to encompass a client’s needs one on one instead of attempting to inundate the prospect with too much information.

Quick & Easy Insurance Consortium runs rings around the competition.

How can you take your company brand and create a buzz? Design a marketing message that is pithy. When you think of UPS for example, do you think of brown service vans delivering boxes, or do you think of “See what brown can do for you”. Pep Boys “Does everything for less”. Fox News is “Fair and Balanced.” Energizer “Keeps going and going and going.” These marketing messages not only keep brand recognition at the forefront but they are also designed to attract the public’s interest.

Email Direct Marketing Tool – You Should Not Be Without One

Why is an email direct marketing tool needed for online and offline businesses?

That’s a good question, and in order to get the answer to that, we need a little knowledge of what that tool is and what it does.

An email direct marketing tool is, you guessed it; an autoresponder. And in case you don’t know what an autoresponder is. An autoresponder is a tool used by online and offline businesses to give people requested information.

An autoresponder also gives the businesses a way to keep in contact with their customers and an opportunity to give their clients further important information. It is also a great way to send someone an application for employment.

So, why is this tool needed for offline businesses? We just saw how online businesses use it, and I’m sure you will realize that the autoresponder is just as effective for offline businesses.

Offline businesses use these tools in order to send out applications for employment, coupons for a percentage off a meal or product, or just sending out surveys and polls.

Email tools are also a very effective way to continue marketing to the customer base you gained when the person entered their name and email to get more information from you. This tool will automatically send a email to your perspective client.

That means, the marketing tool will not sleep. It does not adhere to holidays, birthdays, and will continue sending your information to your clients even when your asleep. Now, How cool is that?

If you’re going to run a business online or offline, then you need an effective email marketing tool. Question is, where do you get an effective tool like that? And Another question to consider is, can my email direct marketing tool make me a residual style income?